Friday, 12 August 2011


My name is Lynn and I am "young at art"!

I am a hopeless daydreamer, a card artisan, a wearer of ribbon belts and flowered headbands, and lover of things pink, purple and polka dotted.

I also work for a little company called Scholastic Canada (you may have heard of them!). Well, Scholastic has a sillier little sister, called Klutz, who shares my love for all things crafty. And as for Klutz and I, it was love at first site!

It all started with a party...

Around our Scholastic offices, we do birthday parties up right! Oscar bashes, polka dot parties, Hogwarts spectaculars; we've done it all. On one particularly special double birthday, I decided it was time to let my crafty freak flag fly, so I offered to make cards for the birthday gals. And guess what? They were a huge hit!

As more birthdays came and cards were made, I earned myself the place as Scholastic’s resident maker of all things crafty. So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to play matchmaker and introduced me to Klutz.

I was completely overwhelmed by all of the crafting possibilities within these brightly coloured books and took to each one with the giddy enthusiasm of a child. Before long, Klutz and I were going steady, spending every free minute together painting nails, baking shrinky dinks, making picture bracelets and so much more.

Now, the powers that be have allowed me to take to the web and share with you all of the wonderful things that Klutz and I can do.

So, join us as we create wonderful things, be good, and have fun!

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