Thursday 27 October 2011

One Stop Halloween Shop

There are only a few days left until Halloween, but that's enough time to get seriously spookified - with Klutz's help! 

Create this creep-tastic banner (above) by stringing together some Twisted Critters creations. The kit comes with tons of colourful pipe cleaners that you can twist and bend into some scary (or sweet!) shapes.

Make some frightening shrunken heads (above) with Make a Mummy, Shrink a Head and Other Useful Skills. You’ll also find instructions for mummifying a hot dog, and the book includes a cool sarcophagus to store your mummy-dog in when its ready for eternal slumber (below).

Want to see how it's done? Watch this video! 

Looking for last minute costume ideas? Klutz has those too! 
Whatever you do to celebrate Halloween, remember to create wonderful things, be good and have fun!


  1. Just have to say awesome blog. The mummy hot dog would be a fun class project when they are studying Egypt. Ken likes to carve but I may convince him to paint pumpkins instead this year. Look forward to future entries.

  2. Those shrunken heads are AMAZING!