Thursday 23 February 2012

Colour Me Surprised

In my crafting life, I've come to accept that drawing is my Achilles heel. No matter how many times I try to draw a face or sketch out scenery, I quickly remember that it's not my forte.

For Spring Break this year, I have two things on my to do list: re-watch the entire Star Wars saga, and get better at drawing. I’ll tell you more about that first goal in another post, but this week it's all about rehabilitating the pour soul who created this into someone who might be able to tackle this.

First, I dug into my magic box of Klutz and pulled out two kits to guide me in the right direction. I warmed up with Splat Art. This kooky book is packed with all sorts of splatted, stamped and squashed things that you can re-imagine into something new. I made a sponge print into the "Knight Bus," turned some string art into yummy cotton candy and (okay, so technically this one isn't drawing) I transformed an looping ribbon into a miniature royal decree.

Once I had mastered the Splat, it was time to move onto something a little more challenging (relatively speaking, of course.) Because, with pre-printed backgrounds and an amazing fold-out book (so you can flip the drawing instructions right out front of you), it doesn't get much easier than Mix & Match Drawing. Still, this is me we’re talking about, so I was skeptical at first.

Turns out I’m not so bad! I may have struggled to keep things to scale (that knight should probably be a bit smaller than his fire-breathing foe), but the step-by-step, shape-by-shape directions held my hand till the end. I sat back to discover that I had drawn something pretty decent. Sure, there were a couple of small gaffes, but I’m getting better! And that’s more than I’ve ever been able to say before.

One goal well on it's way to completion and one left to go.
What are your goals for Spring Break this year?

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  1. Great drawing!! Glad you found it simple to use. I hope you don't mind me showing it on my blog, if you do just let me know and i'll remove it.
    I'd like to have a section on my website of people's drawings from this book. Would love to include it if that's ok.
    Keep drawing.... and remember good drawing is really about good-looking. Use your eyes more than your hand. If you can't draw a shark, the next time you see one look at all the things you couldn't figure out and remember them for the next drawing. Most of all remember it's for fun, so however it turns out is good!!