Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Back in Time (with Spiral Draw)

If I had to name my three favourite childhood toys, 
they would probably be:

1. Easy-Bake Oven 
   (Because making your own desserts = awesome!)
2. Speak-and-Spell 
    (Nerd alert!)
3. Spirograph

Can I get a hands up from all those who loved their Spirograph too? It was so simple, but felt so high tech, and there was something incredibly hypnotizing about that swirling, whirling, geometric art. So, I was super excited to discover that Klutz had given my childhood fave a second lease on life with Spiral Draw. It's got in-book activities, a no-slip frame, tons of colourful gears, and a six-colour quick-switch pen for some seriously rainbow-coloured spirals, which means I’ll be taking this nostalgia trip for days!

And in case you need even more to be excited about, Klutz books now come in a deluxe new boxy format, which makes them even better for sharing, and easier to wrap. So wrap up a new boxy Klutz book and spread some craftiness!

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