Friday, 1 February 2013

Sticker Shock (with Sticker Design Studio)

My love of stickers began one hot summer day when I was nine and my mom took me to the Sandylion Warehouse Outlet. I stood amid rolls and rolls of stickers, and wondered how I would ever choose just one to come home with me. The shiny stars? No... the fuzzy puppies! But what about those glittery hearts? I needed the glittery hearts!

Unable to cope with the pressure of this monumental decision, I threw a total fit and sobbed for my mom to buy them all. This (obviously) didn’t have the intended effect and instead my mom swept me out of there, empty-handed and brokenhearted. I don’t think I’ve ever really recovered…

Until this!
Sticker Design Studio is pretty much the coolest thing to happen to stickers since the sticker book! With page after page of cute, funky, and even sparkly stickers to colour, I felt the hurt of my childhood sticker trauma start to disappear. I might have even stayed up into the wee hours of the morning because I just. couldn’t. stop. colouring!

The next day, I confessed the embarrassing source of my sleepiness to my friends and one chimed in with a story of her own. She had purchased Sticker Design Studio to share with one of her babysitting charges. But when she set the little girl up to start colouring, the glittery stickers caught her eye and it wasn't long before she plopped the girl in front of a movie and stole the sticker book for herself.

Stealing stickers from a baby… Oh yeah, it’s that good!


  1. stickers are the best! i feel your sticker pain!

  2. Stickers can be used as marketing tool in the advertising business.It makes a long lasting impression over the people.

  3. Stickers like these are best for your journals, diaries or for your notes. That's actually what I did, I used the stickers that suits of my mood that day.. Isn't it cool? =)

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