Friday, 22 March 2013

Now and Then (with It's all about US, especially me!)

If you’ve been around here before, you’ve probably heard about my bestie, Lea. All throughout school, we were as close as close can be! We shared clothes, crushed on the same boys and finished each others sentences. But, like most best friends, for all the ways we were alike, we were complete opposites too.

Lea is a sunny kind of gal. You can put her in a room with anyone and she’ll instantly make friends. I prefer to hang out in the background and observe. Whether we were making our way on the playground or finding our place at parties, I usually left it to her to represent our little twosome to the outside world. It’s not a stretch to say that back then, it was all about her. And that suited me just fine!

But now I’m older and more sure of myself, so I’m sucking up my courage and offering Lea a break. Sure, I’ll always be a wallflower at heart, but after years of hanging in the back, it’s time for me to shine! So, last week, when we met up to catch up over hamburgers, I brought It’s All About Us (Especially Me) to show her just how far I’d come.
Between gossip sessions, we passed this pretty-in-pink book back and forth, filling in questions and queries of “total randomosity,” and giggling wildly over all our crazy answers! I mean, how else would we have remembered cutting off my favourite doll’s hair or how fun it was to screech the Pepper Ann theme song at the top of our lungs?

And since the book includes three different coloured copies of each page, we have room for one more! I’m embracing my new outgoing role and am on the hunt to find us a friend to share these silly surveys with. Any takers? 

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