Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Beachy Keen (with Window Art)

One thing this crafty gal has always dreamed of — besides my very own crafting room, of course — is that one day I will get to live near a beach. As a born and bred city gal, sometimes this dream seems destined to stay just that... But with a little inspiration from my favourite friend, I’ve found a way to bring the sun and sand to my skyscraper-filled view.

With a  couple of rounds of Window Art under my belt, this time I decided to take those pretty little paints off-book and make some dreamy summer scenes that take me to my happy place.

So, I searched out some beachy clip art online and printed them out in full page format (don’t worry if it gets a little grainy, as long as you can see enough of the picture to trace, you should be good to go). Then I popped them in the plastic sleeve and got to painting. And all those bright and shiny colours that I raved were perfect for fall and Christmas, turned out to be pretty great for summer too!

So now, this city-bound gal just has to look out her window to see soft sand beaches and bright turquoise water! Turns out, with a little help from Klutz, dreams can come true!

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