Friday, 30 August 2013

Pom Pom Puppies: Big Day Out

It's no secret that I'm just not a pet person. While you may see a cute little creature that you want to cuddle, all I see is slobber and mess and picking up poo. No thanks, not for me, sorry!

But even my animal-averse heart couldn’t help but melt when I spotted Klutz's latest kit, Pom Pom Puppies.

These adorable little balls of fur are made with yarn, scissors and the super-easy pom pom maker and can be snipped, crimped and styled up any way you like. 

Pretty little puppies that don’t shed, drool or go to the bathroom? Yes please!

So, I made five furry friends in all different colours and brought them along on a weekend trip. We visited my favourite new little one, Reaney, and -- from the pool to the playground and frequent hug breaks -- we sure gave those puppies a grand day out!

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