Monday, 2 December 2013

Toolbox Jewels with Klutz Toolbox Jewelry this Christmas crafter, there is no better treat than a Klutz kit that will help you to create a ton of cool gifts!

Last year, I hit the jackpot with a bounty of Beaded Bands, so I couldn’t wait to see what my not-so-secret Santa had in store. As usual, Klutz did not disappoint.

All summer, I’d been Pinning and pining for those cool nut and washer bracelets that were popping up everywhere. So my holiday joy skyrocketed to find that they were now within my reach with Toolbox Jewelry. This pretty kit is a collision of Tiffany’s and my dad’s toolbox, and the finished product is as pretty and polished as all of these Pins.

I fixed up an armful of hot hardware with just nuts and washers, ribbons, and string! I’m wrapping up these precious toolbox jewels to deliver with love!

With just a month to go, the Christmas crafting is underway! Looking for more ideas? Check out what I’ve been up to in Christmases past, and stay tuned for Christmas crafts to come!

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