Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Here's to Never Growing Up with Straw Shooter Jets and The World According to Klutz

I like to do arts and crafts, eat ice cream for dinner, and stay up waaaaaay past my bedtime playing video games. So if you were to call me childish... I just might have to agree. But mischief, well, that’s never really been my strong suit. This sweet little face of mine is an open book. Forget lying and deception — I'm too easy to read. But since April Fool’s Day was just around the corner, I decided it was time to work on my poker face in preparation for a day that’s all about playful pranks. I grabbed some supplies and began my week of April Fools prep.

If I was going to earn my stripes as a prank-master, I needed to do a little studying first. Where else would I turn but the silliest books around to get a view on The World According to Klutz. Within this little box set, you'll find three volumes of utter hilarity! The Greatest Facts in the History of Facts for some believe-it-or-not conversation starters, a hall of fame edition of The Klutz Book of Inventions, and the manual for my week of April Fools' Day prep: The Encyclopedia of Immaturity. As a sweet bonus, this little box set also included some silly stickers to get me started.

After I had learned the basics, it was time to branch out. My weapon of choice? Straw Shooter Jets, Klutz's latest incarnation of paper airplane play. Klutz's DIY aircraft had already taken me to the moon with my dadon a wild dragon ride, and to battle evil with Buzz Lightyear, but these newest, far-flying paper planes were just plain up to no good.

No family photo, piece of food, cereal bowl, unsuspecting pedestrian or plant was safe from my wild stickering or dive bombing planes. And now that I’ve test-driven some truly silly stunts, I’m all set to celebrate today in style.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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