Monday, 25 July 2016

Unleash Your Inner Designer with KLUTZ!

Why go to the mall when your child can create her very own fashion right at home? In Amy Mascott’s blog post about our new book, “My Fashion Portfolio,” she shows how your child can create and share dozens of looks, no fashion experience necessary. 

Amy explains just how awesome this book is for young fashionistas. Not only does the blog show us step-by-step how the book works, but there is also a super-cool video demo too!

This blog post doesn’t miss a thing about our new absolutely adored book. It highlights all of the key aspects in “My Fashion Portfolio,” including the fun fact that no sewing kit is needed to design outfits with the 100+ paper patterns included in the book. Just your child and her imagination are required for this book; Klutz covers the rest! Check out Amy’s blog, get the book, and let the fashion imagination run free.


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