Thursday, 19 January 2012

Adventures with Crazy Action Contraptions

One snowy Saturday, Mike and I were lazing around the apartment playing some Brick Tac Toe.

So, we built some Super Charged Speedsters and headed out to the hallway. We stared each other down as we wound our elastic band racers and prepared for battle. On the count of three we were off, popping wheelies and kicking up carpet fibre. 

It was neck in neck, as we zoomed down the hallway. But soon I began to lose speed, while he zipped ahead. My speedster slowed to a crawl, but I was determined to put on a good show. I wound up my band and made a dash to catch up. That’s when I noticed that that tricky trickster had rigged his speedster for extra power by double winding his elastic band. Off he sped toward the finish line, but the race wasn’t over yet; I still had a trick up my sleeve.

I pulled out my trusty Squeezeclaw Grabber and plucked him right from his cart, tossing him back just in time to cross the finish line.

Victory was mine in this dirty road race! And I celebrated like a most gracious winner, with my noisemaker ringing sounds of my victory throughout the lands.

And that was my super Saturday adventure with Crazy Action Contraptions!


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