Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My Fabulous Book of Looks

My fashion education is cobbled together from reality TV design competitions, dated tips gleaned from the now defunct YM magazine, and taking cues from stylish strangers I see on the street. I don’t know anything about couture; in fact, most of my clothes come Fresh from the grocery store. Basically, when it comes to fashion, I'm no expert!

But one thing I do know is you don’t need a closet full of designer labels to make a style statement. In fact, you don’t even need clothes to create a collection all your own. With My Fabulous Look Book, all you need is your imagination.

My style is pretty simple. I call it eclectic cute. I love dresses, blazers, bows and chunky costume jewellery. But I also like to hunker down in a comfy waffled Henley, a scarf and some super stretchy jeans. So, as I flipped through the pages of models to choose from, though the little girl in me wanted to dress them in fabulously flow-y ball gowns, I decided to fill my book with MY looks instead.

Statement necklaces, decorated headbands, sweetheart dresses and my signature side bun; these are the looks that make my style my own. But I also like to draw inspiration from my fabulous friends. A pretty three tone cocktail ring worn by the always bejeweled Miss Vicki. Nobody works a faded jean jacket like Patty-Lou. A braided headband over long wavy locks is all too-pretty Tess. And the inspiration for that purple hair comes straight from my own magenta-coiffed mom!

Who knows, maybe one day my designs will come sashaying down the runway 
with the words 100% Klutz in big, bright letters behind. 
First step, My Fabulous Look Book; next stop, Fashion Week!


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