Friday, 23 March 2012

A Klutz Trip Down Disney Lane

Disney and I go way back. Back to a time when I could recite every word to Beauty and the Beast and would stage kitchen productions with nothing more than a cassette tape and a love of singing that could not even be discouraged by my horrible voice. And though I still delight in returning to my old Disney friends, I have never quite been able to recapture that magical bond we once shared.

Then I happened upon these two Disney-fied Klutz kits, Buzz Lightyear Foam Gliders and Make Your Own Princess Tiaras, and I had an idea that just might work. So, I called in some reinforcements—my favourite little kiddo and my kid sister—and found that getting back to that special time was as easy as one, two, three!

We set to work bedazzling tiaras, popping together planes and chatting about what we did over Spring Break, and I could already feel that familiar buzz of excitement beginning to return. I was reminded that four chairs and an old blanket can magically transform into a castle, and a handful of colourful plastic magnets can be anything from a cobblestone path to a fire to roast marshmallows over.

With my child-like enthusiasm sufficiently renewed and our tiaras set aside to dry, it was time to head outside for some flight practice. Setting our sights on our target—the Evil Emperor Zurgwe practiced our flight pattern and battle formations in the hopes of defeating our enemy. Turns out we weren’t terribly successful, but we had a ton of fun trying and boy, did those little planes really hold up in battle!

Eventually Zurg was defeated and the galaxy was safe once again, so we headed inside to celebrate in royal fashion. Belle is my best gal, but its Ariel’s voice that really makes me swoon, so I paid homage to my favourite mer-princess with a pretty pink crown decked out in seashells. And with expandable Velcro closures, thankfully these tiaras will fit even the most grown-up of heads. Decked out in our glittery gear, we smiled for some shots for the paparazzi and our adoring fans.

Finally, when we’d flown our last flight and twirled our last twirl, I remember another thing about being a kid—it’s exhausting! So I headed off to dreamland and my Disney adventure was complete.

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