Friday, 9 March 2012

Paper Pups and All Things Spring

Somewhere between the icy chill of Monday and this flurrying Friday, spring sprung up to say hello. So, I kicked off my winter coat and dreamed of splashing in puddles and picnics in the park. I felt silly and fun and carefree! (The first signs of spring will do that to a girl.)

Sadly, this spring break was short-lived, so I’ve put my plans on hold. But I’m clinging to the memories of that glorious day in the sun with some crafts that are sure to cure my spring fever.
First I took some Paper Pups out for a stroll! Pajamas and tutus and swimwear; oh my! These mess-free pets, dressed up in their finest, are enough to melt the heart of anyone!

Next some Twisted Critters came out to play. I twisted, twirled and wrapped a bumbling bee spreading pollen for spring, a baby carrot peeking up out of the ground, and an little yellow chick hatching just in time for Easter.
Finally, I made some Super Simple Sewing accessories that even the littlest of hands can fashion. Pretty pastels, felt florals, and a little pink coin purse, just begging for some warm weather to show themselves off!
Surrounded by a few of my favourite spring things, I’m already starting to feel my fever subside. And with only 11 days left till spring’s official start, hopefully I won’t have much longer to wait…

One final note for French readers out there: I wanted to let you know that a lot of Klutz activity books are now available in French! Click here to see what's available.


  1. i love that headband, adorable! and paper pups- what could be cuter! i can't wait for my niece to be old enough for us to craft together, you have the best ideas!

  2. Omg! My daughter thinks paper pups would be awesome and she loves klutz books so much