Friday, 15 June 2012

Daddy-Daughter Day (with Foam Rockets & Coin Blaster Arcade)

For all the ways that I’m just like my momma, I am just as much my father’s daughter, too. Yes, this crafty gal has always looked up to her brainy dad, so when Father’s Day rolls around every year, I want it to be great!

My dad is out of town this weekend, but I’m not going to let a little thing like a continent get in my way. Before he left, I snuck a secret package into my dad’s suitcase with instructions to meet up for a video chat on the big day.

Since we’re celebrating from far away, and because my dad is a bit of an astronomy nut, I broke out Foam Rockets for some Father’s Day fun. They’re so easy to assemble; just punch out the paper rocket pieces, attach them to the foam body, pop it all on the air bulb launcher and 3… 2… 1… blast off! I gave my dad a one-of-a-kind card by attaching my Father’s Day message to these high flyers and putting on an out-of-this-world air show just for him.

Next, it was time for presents! My dad has it all, so I figured the best gift I could give him was an afternoon of fun. Inside his secret package, he found a copy of Coin Blasters—the latest, greatest, kookiest Klutz contraption yet—with more than ten tabletop games you play with a coin. We flipped from colourful, pop-out page to page playing Hot Shot Hoops, Skee Coin and Penny Putt Golf with the cool Coin Blaster—a finger-powered mini-cannon that really sends your coins flying! 

And, okay, maybe another thing my dad and I have in common is our complete lack of hand-eye co-ordination, but we sure did have a blast!

Wanna see what the Coin Blaster masters can do? Check out this video below.

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