Thursday, 7 June 2012

Paper Fashions Fix

Summer is my favourite season for fashion. Bright colours, flowy dresses, cute accessories; I love them all! It's the time of no muss, no fuss, throw it on and go casual, and I couldn’t be more pleased that this season has finally rolled around. 

And while my budget may not be as big as my ambitions, I found a way to get my summer style fix with Paper Fashions by Klutz. 

There are so many colours, patterns and stylish stencil silhouettes to choose from, so you can create any outfit with the simple snip of your scissors. I filled my fantasy closet with tons of trendy summer pieces!

 Printed Peplum and Cool Colourblock

White Hot Pants and a Marvelous Lace Maxi

The best thing about this cool little kit is, if you can’t find the pattern you’re looking for, any scrap of paper can serve as inspiration. 

Now, if only real clothes were this easy to create!

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