Monday, 14 December 2015

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

by Julia Romero, sales manager, and best aunt ever 

I have three amazing nephews that I obsessively think of as my own. To them, I am Aunt Juju, or Jooj for short. Having spent the last decade in the children’s industry, I’ve made it my mission to spoil these boys rotten with the greatest toys and activities I could find. And much to my sister’s chagrin, they’ve learned to expect only the best. But that hasn’t deterred my constant need to find them something unique and special.

Last year, they moved to St Louis. Although they’re now 950 miles away, I still make sure they understand Juju’s present power, and I send them surprise gifts throughout the year.

With the new release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I knew the next delivery would have to be Klutz’ Star Wars Folded Flyers. They’re obsessed with all things Star Wars, something I completely encourage. Since the boys range in age from 4–8, I knew this book would have something for all of them. 


Henry, age 8, did most of the cutting and folding. And he didn’t stop at just one. He completed the Jedi Starfighter, the Advances X1, and the Millennium Falcon within the first sitting.

And while Henry read each ship’s factoids, Georgie, age 4, took the flyers and flew them around the house, showing off as if he created them himself.


And bonus points for me, my sister even thanked me for sending something that didn’t make sounds or come with batteries or gooey slime!

Now, what do I get them for Christmas?

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