Friday 4 October 2013

Celebrate Star Wars™ Reads Day with Star Wars™ Folded Flyers!

If there is one thing I love as much as crafting, it’s reading! On any given day, especially as the chillier months approach, you can find me squirreled away with my nose in a book or a glue stick in hand.

Now, I know not everyone takes to devouring books the same way that I do, but if ever there was a time to get reading, it’s today!

That’s right guys, Saturday, October 5th is Star Wars™ Reads Day! It’s time to pick up a book and join the celestial celebration! And with the bounty of Star Wars™ themed books to choose from, you’re sure to find a format that works for you.

I’m breaking out my copy of Star Wars™ Folded Flyers to get the party started. This sleek little book might not look like your typical Klutz kit, but between those glossy pages you'll find all the tools you need for an intergalactic adventure! And my little Klutz adventure totally counts as reading, because if you think you can build the Millennium Falcon without stopping to look at directions, my friend, you are mistaken!

So grab a book and get reading, pick up a pencil and get drawing, or even make your own Thumb Doodle comic book to celebrate this doubly great day!

Happy Star Wars™ Reads Day!

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