Friday, 18 October 2013

Halloween Havoc with Stencil Art

Klutz and I always get up to some good stuff on Halloween! We’ve painted pumpkin faces, made shrunken heads and mini-mummies, and found the perfect way to top off our store-bought costumes. So as soon as I felt a chill in the air, I started to brainstorm what great way we would celebrate this year.

My favourite part of this spookiest of holidays is the dressing up, but I’m guessing for a lot of you, it’s all about the candy. I get it, I do! I used to work my tired little feet to the bone hauling around a giant pillowcase, till I was sure I had enough to last me the year, or at least longer than my sister's.

We had one house on our street that handed out regular-sized candy bars and it was my favourite stop on our route each year! I remember bouding up the driveway in absolute excitement for what massive amount of chocolate I was about to receive. And though I never knew the names of the lovely couple who provided them, I made sure to smile at them whenever I saw them, in the hopes that my cute kid smile would keep the giant-sized treats coming.

Well, I can’t quite break the bank and buy full-sized bars, but that doesn’t mean I can't earn myself some neighborly goodwill by sweetening up my holiday treats! I grabbed a copy of Stencil Art and stamped out some spooky gift tags, packed up some little bags with double the chocolate fun, and finished it off with a ribbon!  Twice the chocolate and some pretty packaging? It’ll be all treats and no tricks at my house this year!

My Stencil Art fun still wasn’t done, and my next victim was our pumpkin. It was a little trickier to use the stencils on a round and bumpy surface, but I persevered and I’m pleased as punch with my polka dot pumpkin! And the best part of this super cool stenciled pumpkin? With 12 days left till Halloween, I can swipe it with a wet paper towel and start all over again!

Happy Halloween!

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