Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nail Art Evolution with Nail Style Studio

When I was a girl of nine, I wanted nothing more than to be able to paint my nails. So, when I received my first bottle of nail polish as a birthday gift, it was all I could do to not shut the party down and get to it.

My parents weren’t so keen on their little girl painting her nails like a grown up, so before I was allowed to break into that bottle of polish, I had to prove my commitment to the cause by cleaning up our disastrously messy playroom, from top to bottom.
It seems like a strange task, but I set my little mind to it and spent an entire weekend sorting and organizing and, okay, sometimes hiding, every little toy in that giant room. On Sunday night, I finally emerged triumphant and was rewarded with permission to get painting. My little sis' was granted the privilege, too (ah, the joys of being the eldest sibling), but I couldn’t even find the time to care because I was finally allowed to paint my nails!
Since that fateful night, I don’t think more than a week has passed without some sort of polish on my fingernails. So, you can imagine my delight when Klutz Nail Style Studio arrived on the scene to shake up my nail art and take this long-standing relationship to the next level!
I mean, Klutz and I are no strangers to Nail Art

Last year, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with some seriously cute painted tips, but those designs have got nothing on the pretty patterns and bold prints of Nail Art’s big sis'. With the super-precise dotting tool and tons of fun sticker stencils, my nails are getting some serious style evolution. Better yet, since this kit comes complete with six cool colours of peel-off practice polish, here’s to hoping you won’t have to clean any rooms to show your love of nails, too!

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