Monday 10 February 2014

My Furry Valentines with Klutz Pom-Pom Puppies and Pom Pom Monster Salon

Last year, my little sis' moved to a different city (sniff, sniff…), so every time she comes to visit, we make sure to plan something fun. Last weekend, the weather was pretty wet and miserable so our plan to go skating wasn't looking so great. Luckily, I always have some emergency Klutz kits on hand, so I put together a last minute sister crafternoon.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I had been brainstorming ideas for another year of outside-the-box valentines. You all know my thoughts on boxed valentines, but even with my crafty Valentine's creations, I still hadn't found a fix for the problem of all the cards that end up in the trash on February 15th.

Pom Pom Puppies Pom Pom Monster Salon

So I started thinking about what kind of valentine people might keep around, and suddenly, I knew just what to do. I grabbed my copies of the two cutest Klutz kits around, borrowed an idea from my super-fun NYE photo booth adventure, and little sis' and I made some one-of-a-kind furry valentines!

First, we printed out some punny Valentine’s Day speech bubbles (click here to download a copy) and taped those silly sayings to toothpicks. Then, we wrapped, snipped, and styled some too-cute-to-toss Pom-Pom Puppies and Pom Pom Monsters and put them all together!

I can’t wait for next week, when I get to hand out my furry valentines to all my friends! I can’t see anyone getting rid of these little cuties anytime soon! For more great out-of-the-box ways to celebrate with Klutz, check out my Friendship Bracelet cardsPaper Flower bouquets, and love-ly Nail Art!

Happy Valentine’s Day!