Friday, 22 April 2016

3D Papercraft with Klutz Smash Bot Battle

by the editors at Klutz 

Ever feel a little bit crafty and a little bit playful?

I found myself in this predicament the other day and could not figure out how to marry the two. Then it hit me, I work for Klutz! (Yay!) So I dipped into my Klutz treasure box and here’s how I ended up having a SMASH:

I figured I could cross several things off my list; my nephew’s birthday is coming up so this was an opportunity to craft, play, and test a potential gift. First, I went through Klutz’s Smash Bot Battle and became acquainted with several of the 3D Papercraft robots. With stats from strength to agility, the robots’ profiles helped me decide which pair of robots to make contenders. After careful consideration, I decided to pit Demolator and Shark Booster against each other.

I then started prepping for battle and gathered all of my materials: 2 pullback motors, paper welding glue, and the robot punch-out sheets (the books comes with everything, SCORE!).

I got to crafting and since I wanted no single robot to have the advantage, I glued each body together carefully.

Once the robots were completed, I put each on a pullback motor and moved on to set up the arena; the book also comes with a 3D papercraft city, Salvage City (perfect!). 

Once Salvage City was up and running, it was a matter of time to have these paper titans smash into each other…

And so they did…

several times!

Now to figure out what city will they battle in next?