Thursday 13 September 2012

And We're Back (with Fancy Friendship Bracelets and Glossy Bands)

It’s back-to-school and time for new beginnings... A new grade, new things to learn, and a new outlook on life! Time to wind down from the whims of summer and get into the swing of the new season.

And then there’s back to school fashion... 

Oh, the anticipation of that first week of outfits, every day a new opportunity to paint the picture of your fashion self. Will you make a statement with some bold prints or linger in summer's neons and florals? Me, I'm just excited to finally break out the knits!

But there's nothing better for this crafty girl, than getting to wear one of her creations. As a part-time crafter, full-time wallflower, it's nice to be able to tell the world a bit about me without having to speak. So show everyone what makes you you this school year and rock some 100% Klutz accessories made just by you.

 Squeeze and swirl, peel and stick these Glossy Bands for a one-of-a-kind accessory. Bright colours and groovy patterns add a pop of colour to your autumn neutrals. Switch these sticky bands from wrist to Ribbon Bangles and Headbands (and Hairstyles) for all your fall moods.

Braid and knot Fancy Friendship Bracelets into all sorts of shapes and patterns. Choose from five colours of cord and all sorts of beads and charms to really finish them off. So pretty and polished that no one will guess that you made it yourself. Be sure to make a bunch, because these beaded beauties are perfect for stacking!

Whatever you wore for your first week back-to-school, hope it was fashion fabulous and 100% you!