Wednesday 21 November 2012

Holiday Fashion Fancy (with Paper Fashions)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

That’s right, now that my birthday has come and gone, I am finally ready to let the Christmas festivities begin! And with so many parties, get-togethers and family gatherings to attend, I’m planning out my perfect holiday wardrobe for all occasions.

But I don’t want to break the bank! Christmas is a pretty pricey time after all, so I’m planning out an imaginary Christmas closet for all of the thrill with none of the cost. And with a little help from the fabulous Paper Fashions from Klutz, this holiday season is starting to look very merry and bright!

Pretty peplum and a lacy skirt for those fancy dinners! A cool maroon coat with funky printed tights for a Christmas party with my friends! Santa-inspired outerwear to combat the chill! And a striped tee and jeans with a Christmas bow on top for the big day!

And here’s where the magic really happens… After I plan out my perfect holiday lineup, all I have to do is search through my closet for pieces and patterns that fit all the things I love about my fantasy fashions, and voila, my holiday wardrobe is complete!

Klutz's newly boxi-fied format makes it easier than ever to wrap and give crafty do-it-yourself-style gifts this year. Wrap it up!

Thursday 8 November 2012

Paper Flying Dragons Photo Diary

I must admit, when Paper Flying Dragons first landed (no pun intended) on my Klutz radar, I couldn’t really get into it. I mean, I love fantasy as much as the next nerd girl; I just wasn’t sure that would translate to paper-dragon play.

On a weekend trip to the cottage with all of my family around, it seemed like the best time to break out the book and rope some cousins into playing with me. My aunt and her two boys seemed totally on board, so we set up at the coffee table and got started. As we flipped through the pages of paper pop-out dragons, I started to feel some excitement. I picked out a purple hatchling, folded her up, then headed outside to put her in flight.

We hopped up on the deck to give us some height, then launched our dragons clear across the beach. These little beauties flew like a dream! As we watched our jewel-toned dragons soar through the sky, I started to feel a chill, so I popped inside to grab a sweater. And what did I find but a few more players at the coffee table, whipping up some paper dragons of their own.

Turns out our whirling, swirling spectacle had sparked some serious interest, and it wasn’t long before the whole family was outside, playing paper dragon battles, target practice, and racing up and down the beach. I wondered to myself how I ever doubted the power of flying paper dragons!