Tuesday, 24 November 2015

It’s Turkey Time!

by April Chorba, product director, pom-pom princess, and easily distracted by sparkly things

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and a personal reminder that I am not a gourmet cook. Now, I can throw a turkey in an oven and mash some potatoes, but my cranberries always come from a can, my stuffing from a box, and my pumpkin pie from the grocery store.

But who cares, it’s all about presentation anyways! And this year my guests will be so impressed with my personalized pom-pom turkeys, they’ll never care that the gravy came from a jar.

What you need:
• Brown yarn
• Black beads (for eyes)
• Construction paper (for the beak and gobbler)
• A piece of floral wire about 3.5 inches long (cut with nail clippers if your piece is too long)
• Craft glue

To make the head:

Use the materials and directions from Mini Pom-Pom Pets to make one tiny pom-pom with a fork.

To make the body:

Use the materials and directions from Pom-Pom Monster Salon or Pom-Pom Puppies to make one big pom-pom.


Once you have made your head and body pom-pom, trim them as shown below. Leave a few pieces long on each side of the body for wings, and a few pieces on the back for tail feathers. Use a brush or a comb to fluff out the long pieces.

To connect the two pom-poms, slide the wire through the top of the head and into the body. Position the head on the body so the tail feathers are pointing up.

Glue on the eyes, beak and wattle. If your gobble wobbles, cut the bottom of the body flat so she sits upright. 

Place your adorable turkey on a plate with a handmade name card. Glue on tiny bows for all of your girly-girl guests. Have a happy turkey day! Be thankful for family, friends, and glitter (I am).