Friday, 19 August 2011

The Truth About Lynn

I guess the best way to kick things off is for you to get to know a bit about me, so here goes...
My name is Lynn Norman and I live in a modest castle in Deadhorse, Alaska, with my husband Henry P. Richards the X, our four children, and a colourful pet parakeet. During the day, I keep busy serving as judge at the county courthouse and professor of Glam at the local university. But beware, because after dark I transform into the fearsome vampire, Yvonne Vile, bringing justice to criminally and fashionably insane.
Hmmm... maybe not!

But don’t tell that to The Truth About My Name. This fun little book is packed with all sorts of name games and quizzes to discover what your name reveals about you! The truth about this book is that the real appeal is the too-cute, make-it-yourself name charms that come with it! 

With four blank charms, and pages of background and letter stickers to decorate with, the possibilities are endless! I debated for hours just what I would spell out, but when I had finally decided, with just a quick stick of the clear top stickers, my masterpieces were complete!

Pretty, personalized charms in under a minute? Yes, please!

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