Monday 31 October 2011

Wicked Cool Arm Candy

In case you couldn’t tell from this sunny coloured blog, I’ve always been one for bright and cheery things. Ruffles and frills, pinks, purples and polka dots; these are a few of my favourite things. But ever since I spotted Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets, I’ve had to start rethinking my outlook.

I mean, these are no standard camp-craft friendship bracelets. With names like Bitten, Tangled, and Roses and Thorns, it takes a certain kind of cool to pull these dark beauties off. So, it’s time for me to remove my rose coloured glasses and take a walk on the goth side!

This pretty-in-purple book features some adorable, frame-worthy artwork and simple-to-follow instructions. Tie some square knots, add some sparkly beads, finish it all off with a charm, and before you know it you'll have some wickedly cool wrist candy. These moody bracelets are the perfect fall accessory; and they look great mixed, matched and stacked with some cool Ribbon Bangles.

We’re sending off October with one last dark, spooky craft, but the Halloween fun is not yet done! Be sure to come back in after the witching hour’s complete to share your Halloween crafts in the comments.

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