Friday, 1 June 2012

Thumbs Up for Summer (With Fingerprint Fabulous & Splat Art)

My summer vacation started early this year, when I took some time off to enjoy last week’s beautiful weather. I went to the beach, drank pink lemonade, hung out with friends, and picnicked outside. It was perfect! But no week is complete without some Klutz, so when the sun got too hot to handle, I snuck in to the cool of the AC for a little crafting. 

But even inside, I just couldn’t put away my summer spirit! And so I made these cute postcards to send to friends. Because after the summer vacation goodbyes are all said and done, there are still stories to share and secrets to tell. So, I’m going retro and sending out my thoughts snail-mail style. And the best part? These postcards are truly one of a kind because they were made with my own fingerprints!

Fingerprint Fabulous turns your prints into art with tons of fun examples and backgrounds for you to choose from. Stamp some finger flowers for your shop, make a garden full of creepy crawly thumb bugs, or whip up some sweet treats with just your pinky! As soon as I found these postcards at the back of the book, I got busy printing up a storm!
Then, just when I thought my thumb doodling was all done, I mixed it up and moved my prints to another Klutz doodling favourite. Remember when I played with Splat Art a while back? Well, I had some pages that remained untouched after my first adventure, so I dressed up those drips and dribbles with colourful thumbprints to make even more finger art!
Sunshine, summer postcards, and a little cross-Klutzing? That gets two (very inky) thumbs up from me!

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