Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Can't Beat Klutz (with Fashion Forms)

One of the lucky perks of being 100% Klutz is that sometimes I get to try out stuff that hasn't hit the shelves yet. And, boy oh boy, getting first crack at those coveted kits is a great thrill for this craft-hungry gal!

You can imagine my excitement when I was presented with a very early production sample of the swoon-worthy, boxy, new Fashion Forms. This update on classic paper fashion fun is any style-savvy girl’s dream! Tiny, three-dimensional dresses, skirts, and shoes for you to make in all sorts of exciting prints. With a little help from Klutz, I figured I'd soon be well on my way to my own fashion label!

I got to work popping out pieces and setting up my mini-design studio. But my ambitions fell short when I discovered that this early book only had three sample pages of instructions inside. I paused for a second to regroup. Sure, the intricate paper outfits on the box looked complicated, but this is Klutz we're talking about, so I knew there would be some fun trick or handy tool to make it all a breeze. But, as I sorted through the materials and devised a plan of action, I realize that it wasn't the missing instructions I was worried about. What I missed most was the inspiration I get from the Klutz craft masters.

The first thing I do when I crack open a new Klutz book is to scan through the pages and earmark crafts and designs I want to try. And without that special Klutz magic to be my fashion muse, somehow things just didn’t quite come together.

I am so glad that I get a second chance, complete with pages of expertly-made Fashion Forms for me to choose from, because that’s when my clothing line really started to shine!

And that, my friends, is why Klutz can’t be beat!

Don't believe me? See for yourself!

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