Thursday, 10 January 2013

Crazy for Quilling (with Twirled Paper)

Typically, after the crafting craziness of Christmas, I like to take a little break from my favourite hobby and spend some time seeking inspiration for the new year.

Then one day, while at a craft show, I spotted a booth filled with some seriously cool paper art. I went over to tell the artist that I loved all her stuff, and she happily introduced me to the art of quilling. This simple twirled paper art form looks seriously complex, but in truth, is super easy to do. Easy enough, in fact, that I decided to break my crafting hiatus and give it a try. And wouldn’t you know it, Klutz had its very own, all-in-one quilling kit to get me started.

Twirled Paper comes with tons of brightly coloured strips of paper, a handy little twirling tool, and some quick dry glue. With just those three ingredients, plus a dash of imagination, there's no telling where quilling will take you.

Now, I've caught the quilling bug and this easy, post-Christmas craft has blossomed into full-blown obsession.

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