Wednesday 13 February 2013

Valentine's Bouquets (with Paper Flowers and Fabulous Flowers)

Last year, I made some Klutz: Fabulous Flowers to bring spring to my winter garden. Those pretty paper petals have been on my mind ever since! So, this Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing my floral obsession with all of my sweetie pies! And I’m adding in Chicken Socks: Make Your Own Paper Flowers to the mix, so all ages can play.

Each of these colourful kits comes with tons of fun floral pieces to mix, match and mount; with pre-cut pieces and pipe cleaner for the littles (ages 4 and up), and punch-out shapes and wire stems for the more advanced bouquet maker (ages 8 and up). First, I made our house a little more festive with a pretty bouquet on a cute cake stand. Next up, this one-of-a-kind watering can card, with a little gift tag and sweet Valentine note that my momma will love. And finally, I popped some fabulous flowers in an old milk jar and brought them to my BFF. With these pretty little blooms shining bright on her windowsill, she won’t even notice the snow storming outside!

I hope your Valentine’s Day is fabulously floral and fun! For more Klutz Valentine’s Day fun, check out what I got up to last year.

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  1. My all friends know my obsession for flowers so they always send me unique variety of Flower Bouquets on my birthdays or anniversaries. Recently my friend sent me a yellow and pink orchid flower bouquet which was really beautiful.