Tuesday 19 November 2013

Stay Warm for Winter with Klutz Knitting

When I was younger, I used to hate getting bundled up to go outside. My parents would send me to school in a hat, scarf, mitts, and snow pants. I was safe from the chill, but feeling pretty darn uncool because the cool girls would strut around the playground unbundled, in  only a jacket and jeans. Even though they probably lived on the edge of catching pneumonia, all I saw were rosy cheeks and a streamlined silhouette, next to my snowman-like proportions.

So one day, I screwed up my courage and shed my winter wear for lunch. I was feeling pretty cool and free to move as we played around in the snow, but soon I felt a chill creeping in. I was officially over it by math class, doing multiplication with soggy jeans and wet hair.

Later that week, I paid the price even more dearly when I came down with a pretty wicked cold. Since then, I’ve stopped caring about looking cool, and I have embraced cold-weather accessories with style.

So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that Klutz had a kit that would help me save my hard earned money by making my own winter wear. Knitting is the easiest how-to-knit kit ever and comes with everything you’ll need, from needles, yarn, and buttons to instructions for making scarves, hats, a sunglasses case, a cell phone sock, and more!

I've knit so much winter wear that I’ll never be cold again!

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