Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The First Annual Candy Cup, featuring Klutz Air Power

It started out innocently enough.

Just two sisters, sitting on the couch, eating junk food and watching a movie. As one polishes off a bag of candy, she remarks to the other, “Betcha two gummies I can shoot this wrapper into the garbage!” 

“I’ll bet you three chips you can’t!” the other fires back.

The first one shoots and falls just short of the can, and the second jumps up triumphant and then scarfs down her prize. But the first sister can’t let it stop there because a good ol’ fashioned bout of sibling rivalry has begun!

“I’ll bet you three gummies that I can chug this whole glass of milk in five seconds.”

“I’ll bet you this chocolate that you can't fit ten marshmallows in your mouth.”

As the bets get crazier and crazier, the Klutz-ier of the two sisters has an idea to get things back under control. She heads to her cabinet of curiosities and pulls out Klutz’s latest book of science-fueled fun, Air Power: Rocket Science Made Simple.

If they’re going to be betting, they might as well have fun and maybe learn a thing or two. So with a quick lesson in Newton's Laws of Motion, five balloons to power their play and two piles of gummies to set the stakes, the first annual Air Powered Candy Cup began.

Whose hot rod will drive the farthest? Whose hovercraft will hover the longest? Whose rocket will flyer higher? Whose helicopter will fly wilder? Who knew? But those two sisters were sure going to find out!

And as the gummy piles grew and shrank, laughs were had and fists were shaken, 'til finally, one candy pile towered over the other, and so a winner was declared.

And although this sibling didn't emerge victorious, she was happy to turn that pesky little impulse to compete with her little sis' into an awesome, air-powered adventure. And you can bet that next year, she’ll be ready to claim the title — and that yummy cup of candy — all for herself!

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