Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Few of My Favourite Things (with Nail Style Studio & Nail Art from Klutz)

Yesterday was officially the first day of fall. And though the weather seems to be a bit confused as we finish up the last week of September, there's no denying it anymore. Summer is gone!

Don't get me wrong, fall has it's perks--Halloween, pumpkin spice and scarf season, just to name a few--but this warm-weather girl will be mourning summer's end for the eight long months till it's back again.

Whenever I'm feeling blue, a good art project always cheers me up! So, I grabbed Klutz's Nail Style Studio and Nail Art and painted my tips and toes in all sorts of pics and patterns. Forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, here are a handful of my tried and true remedies for when I'm feeling sad!

Exploring a new neighborhood in my city.

A good stretch and centering on my yoga mat.

Getting lost in a book.

Warming up with a hot drink.

And painting my nails with patterns and pictures that make me smile!

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