Thursday 12 March 2015

Fairy Tale Dress-Up with Fashion Forms

We're welcoming Klutz Marketing Assistant Devin MacDonald to the blog today to share her experience with a Klutz classic. 

While I’ve graduated from the baggy hoodies, baseball caps, and cargo pants of my middle school tomboy-hood, I’m still pretty much the antithesis of a girly-girl. I can’t apply makeup to save my life, I wear the same pair of scuffed boots every day, and I harbour the not-so-secret hope that I will live to see the day when it is socially acceptable to wear nothing but monochrome jumpsuits (think construction worker, not chic and catwalk-ready). But, despite my tendency to shy away from the frilly, blingy, and otherwise fabulous, I will always have a soft spot for pretty princesses.

With a shiny new take on Cinderella hitting the silver screen this week, I found myself with a familiar urge to indulge in a little bit of fairy tale dress-up. So, I grabbed one of the Fashion Forms kits that have been staring at me from our conference room for weeks, and I decided to get my design on. 

What I find so neat about Fashion Forms is that it’s all about combining basic shapes in creative ways. So, with patterns for six tops and three skirts, you can pretty much make any no-pants look that crosses your mind. It got me thinking about which classic princess costumes I could recreate with those shapes, and—after inspiration struck—how I could transform those outfits into modern-day ensembles.

I mean, can’t you totally picture the Little Mermaid roaming the beach in romantic, flowy ruffles and a sweetheart halter on her land-dwelling days?

Can’t you see Snow White rocking a Peter Pan collar and a cute-but-classy pencil skirt while holding court with her woodland friends in a cozy little home?

What about a fit-and-flare number for everybody’s favourite Frozen queen?

It’s amazing how scraps of paper can transform into miniature outfits for a princess with a dab of glue, some imagination, and a few sparkly embellishments. It’s also amazing how time flies when you let your inner little girl out to play; I was surprised to find that I’d been at it for a couple of hours when I finally shook the sequins from my fingertips to check the time, but I enjoyed every second of it. My craving to experiment with adorable attire: satisfied. I feel like I just played the ultimate game of dress-up.

Now, to find a fashion-forward little friend so I have an excuse to crack my kit open again . . .

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