Friday 10 July 2015

Tiny Stitches, Big Results

Vicky Eva, Klutz buyer, DIY queen, and (most importantly) proud mama

Who says Klutz kits are just for kids? I’ve always loved crafting and designing, as far back as I can remember. Over the years I’ve made purses and jewelry, stenciled walls and ceilings, re-upholstered and refinished furniture, and even wallpapered my bathroom the day before I gave birth. Needless to say, I love all things DIY! I wish I could learn a new craft every day of the week, but with two little ones now, I find little time for my favorite hobbies. Luckily, with Klutz’s Tiny Stitches, I have a good excuse to make time for DIY. I decided to give my baby girl’s clothes and accessories a bit of extra flair (while satisfying my need to be creative).

The simply adorable designs in this book are the perfect inspiration to jazz up those common bibs, onesies, dresses, and even stuffed animals.  I find most items in the market are often too busy and not unique, at least not the affordable ones. But with this kit, I can monogram and create special designs to my heart’s content.

With the needles, floss threads, and embroidery hoop from the kit all ready to go, I stitched a few flowers and leaves on a plain bib—and the result is so much fun.

What better way to give character to a plain white onesie than to jazz it up with a bow! She’s ready to party.

I couldn’t resist making a monogram for her so I sewed mini flowers, leaves, and a butterfly on a cardigan to create a bouquet of loveliness for my sweet girl.

I’m so happy with the result and I don’t think my little Bianca minds wearing mommy’s DIY projects.  These creations are a hundred times more special than the store-bought versions. I cannot wait to start on the next project . . . I’m sure I can find some dresses or headbands of hers that need a little pizzazz.

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