Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Holiday Gifts Ideas with Dot Jewelry

Vicky Eva, Klutz buyer, DIY queen, and (most importantly) proud mama
I love making jewelry with my almost 10-year-old niece; she is a feisty fashionista and loves wearing all kinds of accessories. With the holiday season quickly approaching I wanted to get a head start on a gift for her, but I wanted something special, something handmade. The Klutz Dot Jewelry book was my inspiration for the perfect gift for my niece—handmade jewelry.

The shapes and patterns are fun to use and to wear. I grabbed some of my jewelry findings like earring wires, jump rings, and chains from around the house and started to get to work. Since I knew I would be adding holes into the paper pieces from the Dot Jewelry book, I used some laminating sheets for added reinforcement. I can’t wait to give her these gifts!

Even after making all these pieces for her, there are still more than 1,000 dots and other shapes left from the kit! I can’t wait to see her for the holidays and continue our jewelry-making experience.  

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  1. Lovely gift ideas for her! It's a nice gift idea for girls who love wearing jewelries :)