Friday, 16 December 2011

Hot Holiday Accessories

Winter is a time for taking cover from the cold in big, fluffy hats and warm woolen mittens. But that doesn’t mean the season should be without style! Share some love with your under-appreciated appendages (head, arms and legs!) with some hot holiday accessories.

Headbands have had a style renaissance since their days in the 80s when they were thick, padded and paired with a scrunchy. Today, they are all about flair, with big bows, flowers and jewels to spare. I made these super stylish Headbands and Hairstyles for myself a while back, but this time around I’m all about sharing. It is almost Christmas, after all!

Pink ruffles and sequins for my favourite party girl. A black and blue bow band for a friend with more classic style. And who wouldn't love to get this simple red bow with just a hint of shine? 

If you've got more friends than headbands, make some super cute hair clips by attaching your bows and baubles to bobby pins. 

If headpieces aren't really your thing, try Brilliant Bead Rings! This colourful kit comes with a rainbow of seed beads and twisty wire so that you can string together rings for all of your friends, and maybe even that someone special! With seven designs to choose from there is one for all tastes and styles: make a simple coloured band, a costume-y flower ring or something completely different! In this season of holiday parties and gatherings, your friends will have plenty of opportunities to show off their new finger accessories. 

Even if you haven't got a crafty bone in your body, you can still give the gift of Klutz. Pick out a kit that you and your friends will love and give them an afternoon of awesome arts and crafts. They might even reward your thoughtfulness by sharing one of their creations.

For a full list of all of Klutz's fabulous kits, head here. But come back soon because next week it's all about trimming your tree, plus a couple of fun decorating projects.

Only one week of Christmas craftiness left… Better get busy!

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