Friday, 9 December 2011

Rockin' Stocking Stuffers

There are few things that make me swoon like a pretty piece of jewellery. Nothing too fancy; diamonds are not this gal’s best friend! My jewellery just needs to be fun, colourful and cute. When I first spotted Ribbon Bangles, I was smitten! And when it came time to decide what to get my best gals for Christmas, it was practically a no-brainer.

I used Ribbon Bangles a while back to give my Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets a boost, but these beauties also deserve a chance to shine on their own. They are so simple to make! Just wrap the ribbon around the coloured plastic bangles, securing it in place with glue, and they're ready to wear! Slip one into a stocking for a rockin’ stocking stuffer or tie a bunch together with a Christmas ribbon for a more substantial present.

If bangles aren't really your bestie's style, these Charm Chains are sure to please. Make bracelets, pendants, earrings and more with the twist of a crochet hook. I even fashioned this one-of-a-kind hair clip (below) by twisting my beaded flower around a bobby pin. It was just so pretty that I had to remind myself that Christmas is a time of giving (so I wasn’t allowed to keep it for myself!).

It's so easy during the holiday season to get wrapped up in spending. But the heart of gift-giving is thoughtful, personalized presents that show you did more than just fork over some cash. So scan your list, pick your Klutz and get crafting. Then check back next week for more fabulous handmade gifts!

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