Friday, 30 March 2012

Capsters Egg Hunt

Pretty pastels, fluffy white bunnies, yummy chocolates and marshmallow peeps. Is there anything sweeter than Easter? I think not!

But there’s one Easter tradition on which I’m not so keen: dyeing eggs. Coloured eggs are cute and all, but the mess, oh, the mess! It’s too much for this clean-crafter to bear, so this year I’m giving my Easter eggs a modern, mess-free twist by making treasure-filled Capsters for the whole family!

It’s so simple! Just load up the Capsters with trinkets, stickers, beads and whatever else you’ve got on hand. Then set it in the special glaze, let it dry and you’re good to go!
Create personalized place cards for the dinner table, decorate cards and gift bags, and hide them around the house for a food-free Easter hunt, or set this Klutz book out on the big day and let everyone have a turn making their own bottle cap treasures.

Happy Easter crafting all!

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  1. these are so cute! what a great idea!