Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twirly Q-ties

Easter weekend has come and gone in a whirl of good food, family and lots and lots of chocolate. I was one busy gal all weekend, crafting up a storm of Easter goodies. With my Capsters all set to go, I was on the hunt for something sweet to deck our Easter table. Then I spotted that cute little bunny, on the right, in my fresh crop of Klutz books and knew I had found the answer.

Twirly Qs doesn’t come with much—just some corrugated cardboard strips, a shaping tool and super tacky glue—but that is all you need to make all sorts of colourful creations. Just roll the cardboard strips into tight little coils, give them some dimension with the handy shaping tool, then glue them all together for the most twirly, whirly, too-cute-to-resist cardboard creatures!

I chose these three little guys for their cute Easter colours, but with instructions for everything from a little brown mouse to some truly wacky little monsters, there is a Twirly Qtie for every occasion!

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