Friday, 20 April 2012

My Write in White Doodle Journal Education

I won’t lie: doodling saved me from seventh grade history. (Just don’t tell my parents, okay?)

It’s not that I didn’t listen; I tried, I really did! But as my fingers traced the textbook to the tune of Mr C’s rumbly, monotone voice, my eyelids started to droop and my head began to nod, and I just didn’t think I would make it through.

Then one day, my friend Britney and I were commiserating about Mr. C’s class and discovered that we sat in the same seat, but two periods apart. So, we devised a plan to keep ourselves alert, and that’s how my doodle education began.

It started out simple enough, with little pictures or special messages in bubble letters, elaborately bordered pages or entire sheets of flowers. It didn’t matter what we drew, only that we kept our pencils busy. Then we’d slip them under the chair for the other person to find and answer back with an even more elaborate masterpiece. To this day, my eyes swim with pencil sketches when anyone mentions the War of 1812.

Basically, when it comes to doodles, I’ve seen it all. Or so I thought…

When Klutz came out with Write in White Doodle Journal, it changed everything! This book has got pretty patterns, swirling designs and inspiring quotes, all on a backdrop of dark and moody colours, so that when you put your white pen to page, your pictures really pop! 

Now I'm starting my degree in Write in White Doodling and hope to graduate with honours. But, boy do I have big shoes to fill, because check out what the masters at Klutz can do...

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