Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer of the Anklet (with Beaded Bands)

My favourite summer camp accessory is definitely the anklet. It’s low key, totally casual and, when you spend all summer in shorts and bathing suits, it really gets a chance to shine. So, every year, I whip up a fancy friendship bracelet to wear from the lake to the campfire to bunkhouse and back again, until it plum falls off from exhaustion somewhere along the way.

Now that I’m a little older, and ever so much more mature (ha!), I wanted to give my favourite summer accessory a sophisticated twist! So, I grabbed a copy of one of my favourite Klutz books, Beaded Bands, and whipped up one of those pretty little wrap-around bracelets that were such a hit at Christmas!

My beaded anklet was so pretty that a friend wanted one too, so I beaded up one for my summer-anklet-sister and we pranced around camp in our fancy new footwear! And, sure, I’ll be sad when this summer camp anklet expires but, just like summer, it’s short time here is what makes it so special! And, plus, that just gives me a chance to make up a fancy new one for next year!

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  1. those bracelets are so pretty! you did such a great job!