Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Introduction to Transfiguration with Felted Friends

The greatest thing about this blogging gig is getting to share how fun and accessible arts and crafts can be. With a little help from Klutz, even Muggles can create a little crafting magic.

I had exactly zero experience with felting when I got my shiny new copy of Klutz’s Felted Friends. So I didn’t know what to expect as I unpacked fluffy bundles of wool, a foam block and a green felting tool. I mean, I like to think I’m a pretty fantastical crafter, but even I couldn't quite figure out how I would conjure those cute little creatures on the cover with what was in front of me. But I knew Klutz had my back, so I cracked my Transfiguration textbook, picked up my wand and set to charming up some Felted Friends.

I poked and jabbed my wand into those fluffy clouds of wool and I started to see things take shape. A little head with a button nose, a round body with a white tummy, a fluffy tail and long ears — suddenly, there was one seriously cute bunny in front of me!

Before long I had perfected my practice and had three pretty pastel forest animals to complete my collection. And while the truth behind felting is slightly less magical than I imagined*, I still like to think these three little guys would have earned me an Outstanding on my Transfiguration O.W.L.!

* As you poke the felting needle back and forth, it twists and tangles the wool fibres until they bunch together to become dense and compact. The same principle applies as you attach one piece to the other. The fibres tangle together to become one, without tape or glue. Magic!

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