Wednesday, 5 March 2014

(No) Signs of Spring, with My Style Studio

My Style Studio
In case you haven’t heard by now, here in Canada, We are Winter. Me, I’m not much for winter sports but I show my true Canadian colours by bucking the cold weather and wearing skirts and dresses year-round. It can get chilly, but I’m not gonna let a little thing like snowy, blowy weather keep my style at bay.

But even us crazy Canucks start to feel winter dragging by the time March rolls around. And since the snow shows no sign of stopping, I need a little warm-weather inspiration to cheer me up. So I grabbed a copy of the boxy new edition of My Style Studio to sketch up some spring fashions to look forward to. And with visions of T-shirts and maxis and bare legs (oh my!), I think I just might make it through.

For a peek at more of my Klutz-made style inspiration, check out My Fabulous Book of LooksMy Style Studio fall linePaper Fashions summer style and holiday wearmy Fashionably Me back-to-school style, and more!

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